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Laser Cataract Surgery

Conventional cataract surgery has always involved surgeons making all the incisions by hand.  As technology has lead to speciality lenses like Toric IOLs and Lifestyle IOLs, the desire for the perfect surgery has increased.  A perfect surgery would be more likely to bring more accurate, reproducible outcomes and thus, the vision should be more predictable.  Lasers are now available to help carry out and add some critical steps to the cataract surgery and are an excellent option to add to the safety profile of cataract, provided the patient is a good candidate.  At Orlando Eye Institute, we are excited to be able to offer ReLACS–Refractive Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery for all of our eligible patients!


Using the Alcon LenSx laser, a computer is used to make custom measurements of the eye. Afterwards, a number of incisions are made into the eye using a laser, eliminating the need for conventional blades. This allows us to make the following:

  1. Watertight entry incisions in the cornea, decreasing the risk of leakage and complications
  2. Limbal relaxing incisions which alleviate mild amounts of astigmatism, allowing for sharper postoperative vision
  3. A perfectly circular, central opening in the capsule (or shell) of the natural lens, promoting a more stable refractive outcome
  4. Cuts into the cataract, allowing it to be eliminated easier and earlier and speeding up visual recovery

Because this is not covered by insurance and there is an out-of-pocket expense, we do offer financing to help make the cost more manageable.