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Dr. Deepak Raja and his highly skilled team welcome you. As an ophthalmologist, Dr. Raja is a medical doctor who specializes in the health of your eyes. Dr. Raja’s extensive training equips the ophthalmologist to provide a wide array of vision services for you, from prescribing eyeglasses to performing surgery and diagnosing and treating eye diseases. Please browse our website to learn more about our staff and services.

Our Approach to Ophthalmology

At Orlando Eye Institute, we stress empathy and communication. Our team will keep you comfortable and thoroughly explain procedures and treatment options. We welcome questions and strive to make patients feel at home. This personal care and individualized attention is why people throughout the area come to Orlando Eye Institute for all their vision health needs. We are happy to discuss financing options and work with your insurance provider to keep your care affordable.

Our office offers many eye care services, from surgery to treatment of eye diseases. Talk to us about LASIK, cataract surgery or glaucoma treatment. If you’re diabetic, we’d love to help you manage your eye care. We can treat your corneal or vitreoretinal disorders.

Whatever your eye issues, we’re here to help. Call us today at (407) 704-3937, so we can help you improve your vision. We look forward to having you join our roster of satisfied patients who see the world through healthy eyes.

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As we age, our eyes begin to change along with the rest of our bodies. Aging makes us susceptible to many conditions, but the most common condition that affects many aging patients is cataracts. Cataracts happen when the natural lens in the eye becomes foggy and unclear. This results in blurry, discolored or distorted vision. Cataracts can make daily activities difficult, but through advancements in technology, cataracts are completely curable through cataract surgery! If you or a loved one is living with cataracts, Orlando Eye Institute is here to help. Ready for a change? Call Orlando Eye Institute for your cataract surgery consultation today!

Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome is an extremely common condition that causes red, itchy and dry feeling eyes. These symptoms are frustrating, especially when treatments such as over-the-counter eye drops are ineffective. At Orlando Eye Institute, we are taking advantage of the most-up-to-date technology to ensure that our patients are receiving the most effective treatments possible. Are you ready to gain control over your frustrating dry eye symptoms? Come visit our Orlando Eye Institute Dry Eye Clinic to find out which dry eye treatments are best for you!

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At Orlando Eye Institute, we offer quality come see us at Orlando Eye Institute for your consultation!

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Eye Doctors

At Orlando Eye Institute, we pride ourselves on offering only the best to our patients. Our doctors, Dr. Raja and Dr. Parbhu, along with out amazing staff, work together to deliver the most up-to-date treatments with compassionate care. Our eye doctors are highly trained, spending years learning and perfecting their skills. Our skilled Orlando eye doctors perform procedures such as cataract surgery, refractive surgery, blepharoplasty and much more. If you are in the Orlando area and are looking for an ophthalmology practice that values their patients, call Orlando Eye Institute today!

About us..

Our Mission at the Orlando Eye Institute

To personalize eye care and enhance our patients’ quality of life in a welcoming environment.

Meet The Team

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  • Dr.
    Deepak Raja

    Deepak Raja, MD is a native of Englewood, FL. He attended Duke University in Durham, NC for his undergraduate studies and received a degree in biomedical and electrical engineering. He then attended the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Miami, FL where he received his medical degree.

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  • Cindee
    Practice Manager

    Cindee joined our practice in 2016, bringing with her more than 10+ years of management experience. Born and raised in Virginia, she became a Floridian in 1987 and has been a Central Floridian for over 20 years.  She has thirty years of experience in the health care field.  She has a B.A. in Healthcare Administration from the University of Phoenix and is a member of the Florida Society of Ophthalmic Administrators. She enjoys leadership positions and is currently the South Eastern Atlantic Regional Leader for American Academy of Ophthalmic Executives. In her leisure time, she enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her family including the furry ones!  

  • Ashley
    Surgery Coordinator

    Surgery Coordinator – Ashley

Featured Articles

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  • Nystagmus

    Nystagmus is a vision condition characterized by repetitive, uncontrolled eye movements. These involuntary eye movements may be side-to-side, up and down, or in a circular pattern, which hinders the eyes’ ability to focus on a steady object. Individuals with nystagmus may hold their heads in unusual ...

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  • Macular Hole

    The condition known as a macular hole refers to a tiny break in the macula that results in blurry or distorted vision. To fully understand the condition, one must understand eye anatomy. The macula is a spot located in the center of the retina (the back portion of the eye). Located where light comes ...

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  • Pediatric Ophthlamology

    Ophthalmology addresses the physiology, anatomy and diseases of the eyes. Pediatric ophthalmology focuses on the eyes of children. Pediatric ophthalmologists examine children’s eyes to see if they need corrective lenses or other treatments to improve their vision. Training for Pediatric Ophthalmologists Pediatric ...

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  • Myopia

    Myopia, or nearsightedness, means that your eyes can see close objects clearly but struggle to see things in the distance. Nearly 30 percent of Americans are nearsighted. This condition usually develops in children and teenagers, up to about the age of 20. A teacher or parent might notice a child squinting ...

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  • Astigmatism

    A normal cornea — the clear front covering of your eye — has a round curve, like a basketball. However, many people have an irregularly shaped cornea while others have an irregularly curved lens. Both cases can cause light that enters the eye to bend the wrong way, causing blurry vision. This disorder ...

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  • Types of Refractive Surgery

    There are several types of refractive surgery available to correct vision problems caused by refractive errors, including: LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) Custom or bladeless LASIK Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) Laser epithelial keratomileusis (LASEK) Epi-LASIK Conductive Keratoplasty ...

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  • Hyperopia

    People with hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, can usually see objects in the distance, but their close vision is blurry. Symptoms of untreated hyperopia include: Difficulty concentrating on near work, such as reading Eye strain Headaches after reading or other activities involving close focus Aching, ...

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  • Collagen Crosslinking

    Collagen crosslinking (CXL) is a relatively new procedure used to treat patients with keratoconus. Keratoconus is a thinning of the corneas which causes them to form a cone shape and bulge outwards. Many countries outside the U.S. use CXL, but the procedure hasn’t yet received FDA approval. However, ...

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  • Medicated Eye Drops

    Treatment for glaucoma often begins with medicated eye drops. The goal of these medications is to lower the pressure in the eye (intraocular pressure) and prevent damage to the optic nerve. To gain the most benefits of these medications, use them exactly as prescribed by your eye doctor. Sometimes your ...

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  • PRK (ASA)

    When the cornea is misshapen, light bends (refracts) incorrectly, leading to vision problems. Refractive surgeries aim to reshape the cornea, thereby improving vision. LASIK is one of the most popular types of refractive surgeries. However, not everyone is an appropriate candidate for LASIK. Fortunately, ...

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Real Patients. Real Results.

    Came to Orlando from out of town. Had an unexpected issue come up and came here. Dr Parbhu and her Staff have been phenomenal. Very accommodating. Thank you!

    Brandon F.

    I unconditionally recommend Dr. Raja and Dr. Parbhu to anyone who values a doctor that extends a personal touch to their service beyond what is expected.


    Was able to get me in on short notice. Friendly staff and Dr Raja explained thoroughly my diagnosis and treatment.

    Larry J.

    Dr. Raja is very thorough and so knowledgeable. I would recommend him highly.

    Joanne H.


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